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Sales and delivery conditions

  1. Offers: All offers are non binding. Each order is only valid if a proper order confirmation is sued by us. All statements and other agreements must be approved by us.
  2. Orders: An order shall not be deemed accepted if it is confirmed in writing. Additions, alterations or oral agreements, ie allbusiness agreements, including those by phone or representative shall be legally valid written confirmation. Once placed orders are irrevocable, unless we agree to the waiver in writing. To illustrations, drawings and sketches and other documents, we reserve ownership and copyright, they may be made without our consent and are not accessible to others on request, be returned immediately. Verbal information on dimensions and the like require written confirmation. atterns are available or a fee. Returned goods will be accepted only with our prior consent.
  3. Prices: Price is valid from the factory unless otherwise specified in the offer. Corresponding increase in price mark-ups on our suppliers, we reserve the right at us.
  4. Delivery: The delivery period begins on the day of order confirmation. Delays in delivery delays caused by force majeure, breakdowns or shortages of  materials from us or our Liefranten and all circumstances that we have  not represented and shall render the fulfillment of accepted orders  impossible or very difficult, entitle the client to the exclusion of all claims not to Contract cancellation, rather this has to grant a reasonable extension.
  5. Shipping: Shipping is at the cheapest way. The program will be delivered each unfree, if not otherwise agreed. Deliveries are made on the account and risk of the recipient, additional costs for shipping and fast goods, unless a delivery delay on our part, shall be  borne by the recipient.
  6. Packaging: The packaging we calculated and not withdrawn.
  7. Payments: This is - even when partial deliveries - particularly if not agreed, is made within 10 days after receipt of invoice with 2% discount or within 30 days. For the objective is exceeded, we reserve the right to charge interest. Complaints regarding defects not exempt from the punctual payment of our invoice.
  8. Complaints: Complaints of any kind are only considerations, when applied in writing within 14 days of receipt of goods.
  9. Warranty: For the quality of our product we provide a warranty of 24 months from  date of shipment, under the general warranty provisions of the machinery industry and in line with our suppliers. A further liability or claims for damages are excluded. For parts that are unusable due to normal wear and tear, misuse, abuse or excessive use, compensation is provided for a fee. If changes are made to the goods by a third party, our warranty is considered extinct.
  10. Retention of title: The goods remain our property until full payment. It is to us a right to withdraw from non-fulfillment of the buyer or the  goods on payment difficulties or have it discard in a bankruptcy or  insolvency proceedings.
  11. Acquisition: The acquisition of all orders is only on the basis of the above conditions. Any client of conditions intended otherwise have against us are not valid, a contradiction in this case there is no obligation for us. Only written agreements shall apply.
  12. Jurisdiction: The place of performance and jurisdiction is Offenburg / Ortenaukreis.
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